How We See the World

Photography for most of us is a lifetime hobby. Some of us earn a living at it, some of us do it as part of a job. For most, it is a way to document our journey through life. We have done all four.

Photology is the science of light. It can encompass light based energy, the behavior of light through different media, data transmission, and other disciplines. We refer to ourselves as “photolgists” because we do not wish to live in the current world of modifying photographs with software to add trees, unicorns, animation, larger flames, smaller noses, smoother skin, and the like. We use technology to present what we shoot, adjust brightness, crop a size down, and stitch panoramics, similarly to old darkrooms. We are purists.

We won’t sell stock images, we will only provide tiny slices of time by capturing light and presenting it for your wall. If there is an interesting moment that we feel is a good mobile phone wallpaper, or HD wallpaper for a PC or tablet, we may make it available. Some of our captured moments were recorded on film (35mm or 645), and aggravatingly scanned for delivery today. Those images are best displayed on ~8×10 at best, unless we have a request for an “old school” enlargement. These are less than 5% of what you will see in our gallery.

Over time, we will add partners, professionals, enthusiasts, and maybe an accidental, that has captured once or more than once, a moment in time that we feel is exceptional.

Welcome to our world, and thank you for spending your time, looking at our journeys. The energy we seek to create is what you feel, sense, or imagine, as you look at captured moments of light.

The Global Photologists…
September 2014