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Geoffrey Davis In 1969, Geoff got his first camera, an Olympus SLR, from his parents for Christmas. His parents were involved in photography, creative pursuits, and broadcasting. Creativity was encouraged as much as precision was.

Throughout Secondary school, Geoff mastered still-life and darkroom operations, including infa-red color abstracts. In college, Geoff was a paramedic trainer and created training materials with real life photographic content. While in law enforcement and corporate security, Geoff was trained in accident and crime scene photography, both conventional and night vision. Additional crime scene and forensic work honed a technical orientation to photography and photology.

Since 1978, Geoff has conducted abstract studies (including infa-red), international studies of “the Human Condition” and landscapes worldwide. He has photographed and done interpretive work globally, with a technical bias in landscapes, difficult terrain, abstracts, seascapes, wildlife, and architecture.

Geoff contributes in the areas of technical photology, optics and processing, and occasionally photographing, birds in flight, natural state plant life, macro/close ups, and landscapes. He prefers a “non-enhanced” end product, with minimal (if any) manipulation of the end result…. Hence… “For The Purist”

Aerial Videography
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